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Caring and compassionate advocates, skilled business people, and master collaborators.  When an older adult is in need of a team of professionals to assist with a complex move, their Senior Real Estate Specialist   at Elder Tree Realty is fully equipped to serve as both a guide and a consultant, providing referrals as well as personal service from start to finish.


Navigating the complexities of a late-in-life move can often be a daunting task and older adults deserve to work with professionals who fully appreciate their fears, concerns, needs, and goals - and not just those related to moving or selling a beloved home.

We appreciate that senior related moves are unique and often require communication within a larger family unit as well as the involvement of multiple professionals from various fields.  We surround ourselves with a strategic alliance of trusted professionals in order to best serve the client's needs.



Open and clear communication at all times throughout the transaction.


We have a strong vocation to serve senior clients. We are committed to serving as a trusted advisor, and then stepping in as a sales agent at the point that it's requested, ensures that the senior adult's best interests are placed at the forefront within a timeframe that they're comfortable with.


Attention to both the physical and emotional aspects of every move.


We recognize and appreciate that a move involves both physical and emotional energy.  Late-in-life moves frequently include extenuating circumstances which require a special skill-set and mindset.


We understand the delicacy of certain situations and taking the time and necessary steps to successfully assist elder clients in their move from one living arrangement to another.  


We assist you with all the details throughout the entire process including listing, marketing and selling your home.


We take charge of all the necessary steps to get the property ready for market including a complete evaluation and establishing a fair market value for your home.


A home inventory (print, video, and/or photo) is available to assist with client decision-making.


Depending on the condition of the estate property and the joint decision as to the preparation required, a working budget will be presented to the client for approval which could include:

  • thorough cleaning

  • drawer, closet and garage clean-out

  • exterior and interior maintenance as needed

  • painting

  • gardening 

  • pool cleaning


We provide additional services including organizing the contents, coordinating with packers and movers, and shipment of valuable items.  


Our stagers add the final decorating touches to make the property market-ready.

Elder Tree Realty
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