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Not just your bathrooms and kitchen, but everywhere.  Everywhere!  

And, not just the living areas.  Do not underestimate the value of a well maintained lawn, a sparkling pool, and an organized clean garage.


A mess leaves an impression that's hard for a buyer to overcome.

Shoppers want to know that you've taken care of your home.  If you give the positive sense of how you live, that will translate to the home where you live.


The secret here is NONE!  Sellers should be careful not to ignore this important detail.  Buyers don't want to smell anything upon entering your home.  They certainly don't want to smell cigarette smoke, pets or what you have been cooking.  Some sellers will try to make their home smell "nice" by lighting scented candles, putting out aromatic oils, or plugging in air scent fresheners.  But be careful, like perfume and cologne, not everyone has them same "taste."  And most importantly, if you take efforts to create a smell some buyers will think "I wonder what odor they are trying to hide." 


Make no mistake - buyers are savvy.  They will TOTALLY check out the condition of your property.  If not during a showing, certainly during a home inspection.  Smart buyers will know if you are trying to cover up problems.  Does a light bulb need replacing?  Change it! Even the smallest details matter.


It should not be overlooked that your home needs to FEEL LIKE HOME.  Not necessarily (just) to you, but mainly to the family who is considering purchasing.   Is this the place that can feel like home to THEM?!  Proper staging is key.


Last, but by no means last, create a welcoming environment.  Have the interior temperature cooled or heated for comfort.  If possible, have the lights left on to welcome them.  Consider having bottled water placed out (especially on hot Texas days) for your guests.  At times it may be nice to have quiet relaxing music playing in the background.  People will appreciate that you are taking the effort to make their visit a pleasant one.

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